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  1. Jeanne:

  2. Cassie: IM Green Recycling has a brand new Free Clothing Recycling program that not only diverts 13+ million tons of clothing from ending up in our landfills but provides a stream of income that goes directly back into participating organizations/businesses. If you would like to learn more about how your organization can recycle at your organization/business or next event please contact Cassie A. Jones at IM Green Recycling at and 713.288.9714.

  3. Danie: I've been posting network maps showing people I've been connecting with and growth of network of people I'm trying to connect with. . I'm hosting Tutor/Mentor Conference in Chicago on Nov. 19 and hope representatives of some of these groups will volunteer to host workshops, panel discussions and forums. The web site is

  4. Danie: With the NATO summit in Chicago in May I posted this article about how we might adopt planning strategies used by Generals to assure a better distribution of programs and resources in high poverty areas.

    I host a conference every six months in Chicago to bring people together who are involved in this work. The next is June 14 at First Unitarian Church in Hyde Park. I'm still looking for programs to be part of panels and talk for a few minutes about what they do. See

  5. Sheri: The Jane Addams Resource Corporation promotes strong communities, businesses, and households to ensure that people who work do not live in poverty. JARC provides high quality skills training and support services to help lower income and unemployed workers achieve self-sufficiency. JARC provides economic and workforce development services to businesses to improve their competitiveness.

    Since 1985, JARC has offered a range of social, economic and educational services. Current program offerings include: manufacturing training for incumbent workers and disadvantaged job seekers, adult basic education tutoring, English as a Second Language classes, computer training, financial coaching, business services and real estate development. Clients come from throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. In fiscal year 2011, JARC served 1,396 clients.

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